Zombie Rope Access

actual cover-01

I created a comic book about rope access.

You can buy it here:


This book is for entertainment only.
It contains:
1. Illustrations and explanations of many rope access techniques.
2. A silly plot about using industrial rope access to deal with a zombie apocalypse.
3. Two chicks kissing.
4. Dumb jokes.
5. Naughty language.

NOT contained in this book:
Fall factors
critical angles
anchor selection
gear selection, inspection, and maintenance
physics as it relates to rope access
various other technical stuff
*If you need to know these things, please visit irata.org and consult their International Code of Practice*
Again, this book is entertainment ONLY


3 thoughts on “Zombie Rope Access

  1. Hello, what a great idea! I’m a rope tech myself and thought it would be a fun read away from the norm.

    I bought the book through amazon but Amazon’s Kindle won’t let me download it…
    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Danny

    ‘Order Details
    Order #D01-9016238-5150356
    Placed on Monday, May 18, 2015

    Zombie Rope Access
    Kindle Edition
    Sold by Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.’

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